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AZIZ GROUP began in 1965 with a small office on 7th February. While starting our journey as a full-fledged chemical trading with BASF, in 1981, Aziz Group made a strong impression by establishing the country’s first private bank in Bangladesh “The City Bank”—that has been pioneering a series of innovation ever since. In 1986 we participated in establishing Central Insurance, in 1994 City General Insurance and Meghna General Insurance and in 1995 took the major initiative in making City University in Bangladesh. In 1965 AZIZ GROUP established HS and Shahida Trading.

In 2004 AZIZ GROUP has pioneered in the chemical industry by establishing the country’s one of the first costic soda factory and hydrogen per oxide plant in Bangladesh. That has now grown with almost xxx clients with a production of xxx chemicals and exporting our chemicals to countries like xxx. We have over 1600 employees with a factory size of xxx.

WE are proud of what we have achieved so far but are humbled by the great needs we discover every day. With our glorious history of almost 55 years with steadily growing market share, AZM INTERNATIONAL plans to create a better and stronger platform through its FMCG arm. We have now entered into the fast moving consumers goods with all new products with global standards to meet the ever new customer demands while contributing to the Bangladesh economy.


Our company, AZM International, is a local company in Bangladesh with global standards, where we employ more than 150 dedicated people on a full-time basis. Our FMCG factory and our production site are located in Tepir Bari, Sreepur Gazipur. Our site provides us with ample space to realize our dreams and objectives to become one of the top local FMCG company caring about our customers – for example, our factory produces more than 50 different AZM products that find their way to hundreds of satisfied customers in countrywide Bangladesh.


The letters AZM are derived from the initials of the family member’s names. Everyone has a dream. Ours is to develop new chemicals, to present new ideas, to change people’s lives. WE ARE AZM International, the entry of a FMCG industry following the footsteps of AZIZ GROUP. It is the dream of Zoynal Abedin Chowdhury who pursued his education from Purdue University in Chemical Engineering and established country’s first of its kind caustic soda and hydrogen peroxide plant in Bangladesh. He along with his wife Mehreen Abedin Chowdhury took the initiative of entering into the FMCG industry with household cleaning items. With 3 offices in Dhaka and Chittagong covering local and multinational corporates across the country, we are proud to be in Bangladesh for the last 55 years. While we have scored 55 years with AZIZ GROUP, we look forward to a century of excellence with AZM INTERNATIONAL.

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In 2015 we had a number of high-quality cleaning products imported from Malaysia, started to market through our own distribution channel to selected few modern trade stores only. After a few successful years for the company AZM International entered into manufacturing its first toilet cleaner under the brand Chlosafe. Gradually we introduced Almer and Oxyclean Brand through market research and survey into the cleaning and hygiene industry. Bangladesh is still a developing market and many innovative cleaning products are yet to enter into our ever growing FMCG industry.

At AZM INTERNATIONAL we aim high and we want to establish our brands not only in the local market but also in the global market through exporting to other countries.

The R & D, Design Development and Packaging of AZM Products

All AZM products are developed and tested extensively by our “Research & Development” unit, in our state of the art “AZM laboratory”, which maintains the global standards while bringing in innovation into the household cleaning industry. With the added advantage of having own chemical factory where global companies like Unilever and Reckitt including few local ones those buy our raw materials, we can save time and production cost of our products in line. We also test all our raw materials and semi-finished products continuously to ensure that our AZM products meet high quality standards with an aim to become the market leader specializing in cleaning items.

We have our own design and development unit with constant graphic and layout changes to all our labels being done in house, in our own production floor. The graphics studio along with the Brands & Marketing Department after taking customer feedback jointly develops the design, produces the layout for the labels, POS materials at the Modern Trade stores and General Trade, as well as develops creative product packaging and household gift items for Institutional Clients. We also produce all our own product films, animations, and other image and sound material for our fully automated shelf information system. We have a good ERP system in place that covers a wide array of orders from Ecommerce, Modern Trade and Institutional clients covering both local and international. Each day, supply chain receives electronic orders from sales team locally which are processed in our computer system. The Supply Chain Department confirms the orders to our clients, and ensures the transport and invoicing of the supplied goods.

After processing the orders that were received by the Supply Chain, our Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP, generates new production planning, purchasing proposals, and stock analyses fully automatically. All this information is analysed on a daily basis, adjusted where necessary, and processed by our Planning and Control Office – the true nerve centre of our company. They use this information to produce production orders for our Production Department.


For AZM, our chemical factory along with AZM Lab is the heart of our company. As it is rightly mentioned,

Chemistry is good when you make love with it and bad when you make crack with it.”

At AZM, we continuously explore our chemicals to bring in innovation to each of our products to constantly meet customer demand and keep pace with the global trend. However if we only speak of our Production and Lab, this would not do justice to all the other units that contribute to creating the AZM products, each with their own specialization. In a nutshell, AZM factory comprises of the following units.

Our Processing Unit produces our liquid products on the basis of formulas that were developed by the AZM Lab (Research & Development & Knowledge Center). Top-quality raw materials are mixed and treated to become one of our many end products. The Bleach Section and products that are powder-based are separated from Liquid Section.

All our bottles and jars are filled by the Filling Department, which is equipped with 10 fully automated filling lines to fill our products – both liquid and powder. Fitting the lids and/or the triggers is also fully automated, as are labelling and packagingOur operators only have to check and monitor the process! All our lines have been built in such a manner that they can deal with several packaging formats, which gives us the necessary flexibility to respond to an ever increasing demand from our clients.

Without undue modesty we can say that HG is a truly unique company! Not only because of our range, the quality of our products, or our increasing success, but specifically because our philosophy to do as much as possible in house separates us from the rest of the pack. A good example is our Plastics Processing Department, known internally as KVA. This is where we produce approximately 95% of our total bottles requirement, for which we use 21 ultramodern injection and blow-moulding machines. An ingenious system of tubes is used to transport the bottles directly and fully automatically to special storage bunkers above the filling machines.

It goes without saying that a versatile company like ours needs a Technical Department – an essential cog in the wheel that does more than just tightening nuts and bolts. Our Technical Department is responsible for the preventive maintenance of all our machines – not just the filling lines, but also the injection and blow-moulding machines – and for dealing with any failures or breakdowns. The Technical Department also undertakes a range of repair works on the premises. To be able to undertake all this work, the Technical Department has a range of specialists in many areas, including mechanical engineering, process technology, computers, and PLC technology.

Our Inprint Department is a small printing workshop within production. This department ensures that the logos and address details of our retailers who distribute our door-to-door newspapers are printed on the HG newspapers.

We also want to be as flexible as possible in setting up and processing our shop displays, and therefore we have opted for our own internal department that builds displays and prepares them for shipping. This enables us to respond quickly to demands from the market.

Our Warehouse is a Department in itself. Each day it processes thousands of orders and our warehouse personnel ensures that picking and shipping the HG products runs smoothly. All with one objective – to ensure that the orders are shipped to our clients in time, wherever they are in the world. We do not only supply to importers, but also to wholesalers and even some retailers. Our warehouse is set up in such a way that it is relatively easy to respond to the large variety of demands that comes with such a range of purchasers.