Arsh Aroma Bonne Savour Diffuser Box

Product Features:

  • 20% high-quality fragrance oil to ensure the scent throw is maximized.
  • Refills and spare rattan sticks are available
  • 100% pure fragrant smell
  • Long-lasting fragrance for a couple of months
  • Infuse your ideal places with different fragrance
  • Smoke, wax, mess, flame, and heat-free, they do not require electricity or batteries.
  • Release a refreshing fragrance for months
  • Remove unpleasant odors like the smell of tobacco.
  • Enhances the aesthetics and romantic atmosphere
  • Perfect gift for wedding feedback

Arash Aroma Diffuser:

Bonnie Saver Diffuser Box This attractive box contains four reed diffusers of your choice. This box contains Westin, Lavender Jasmine, and Ocean four reed diffusers. Westin’s scent is of Lila’s off-valley flower, Lavender’s hutch is of lavender’s scent, Jasmine’s scent is of white jasmine, and Ocean’s scent is of Freesia flower.

Why use the Arsh aroma diffuser?

The most effective wellness routines are those that fit easily into your daily life. Think of these diffusers as a low-effort entry into self-care: they bring elements of wellness into your home, transforming your space into a tranquil nest where you can (sometimes literally) breathe easier. Arsh aroma diffuser aromatic room fresheners require minimal effort for you to recharge your décor and up your self-care game in the process. Proceed with caution, though—diffusing essential products can be super powerful, and not everyone should do it. To learn more about what essential oil diffusers do, we got in touch with wellness expert Esme Benjamin and medical doctor Shirin Peters.

The Benefits of Oil Diffusers:

Using an oil diffuser can help you breathe easier, and not just because you’re tapping into your zen. “Many essential oils have reputed medicinal or therapeutic uses, like eucalyptus for colds and respiratory issues, says Benjamin. Peters adds that many of the essential oils that have a calming effect can help reduce blood pressure in someone who is hypertensive. “Eucalyptus oil clears airways when they are congested due to allergies and cold and can help with sleep and recovery to health in these situations. Basil oil can help with digestion and muscle aches,” she says. “Many of the medicinal benefits are more noticeable when the essential oil is ingested in small quantities or applied to the skin directly instead of being vaporized and inhaled.


Long-lasting fragrance for a couple of months. Infuse your ideal places with different fragrances. Smoke, wax, mess, flame, and heat-free, they do not require electricity or batteries. Release a refreshing fragrance for months.

Safety Considerations:

Even with their benefits, diffusers can come with some drawbacks. “Diffusers that use water can harbor bacteria in the liquid when it’s left sitting, and this can make you very sick the next time you turn on the device,” warns Peters. “Pets, pregnant women, and infants under two should avoid using an essential oil diffuser because they may be more sensitive. If they have a sensitivity or allergy to any particular oil, it can make them ill when vaporized.” Headache, nausea, and rashes are the most common allergy symptoms

Cleaning Your Diffuser:

As noted above, different types of oil diffusers require cleaning regimens. You don’t have to clean a diffuser after each use. “I like the way a little residue from the previous oil blends with today’s scent,” says Benjamin, but a daily quick-clean can’t hurt. If you’re so inclined, use the time you’re cleaning out your diffuser to reset your daily intentions. Just make sure everything is unplugged before you start. Gently spill out any water and wipe the tank clean with a damp cloth and natural soap, as you want to avoid harsh cleansers. If your diffuser has a mister, you can swipe that with an alcohol-dipped Q-Tip. You can also run your diffuser with water and a couple of drops of vinegar for an occasional deep clean if that’s your pleasure. Make sure to rinse and dry all equipment when complete. 

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