Carpet Cleaner

Product Details:

  • ml: 500
  • No.1 carpet stain remover (Based on Nielsen data).
  • Lifts out stains and neutralizes odors, leaving the carpet soft and smelling fresh.
  • Penetrates deep to help keep stains from reappearing.
  • Breaks down a wide variety of tough, everyday stains.
  • Great for: tomato sauce, salad dressing, dirty motor oil, vegetable oil, make-up, red wine, food grease, pet stains, coffee, mud, dirt, cola, tea, grass, fruit juice, and more.
  • Permanently removes the toughest and set in stains

How can I make my old carpet look new again?

Spritz a little warm water onto the matted area then gently blow-dry with a hairdryer as you fluff the carpet fibers back into place with your fingers, the edge of a spoon, or a hairpin. Allow the carpet to dry completely before walking on it. Baking soda is the go-to solution for bringing your carpet back to life.

For Using 

  • For use in Any Carpet Cleaning Machine
  • Deep Cleaning Action Removes Dirt & Lifts Stains
  • Vacuum thoroughly to remove loose dirt
  • Pre-treat tough stains with OxiClean Carpet & Area Rug Remover Spray.
  • For home owned & rental machines follow the machine’s recommended detergent to water ratio instructions.

How to use it?

DIY cleaning methods are more likely to leave residue behind. This lingering residue then traps dirt particles. The drying capabilities that come with the professional process are another reason to hire out the job. You don’t want to be walking on the wet carpet for days, and lingering dampness can cause mildew

About the Manufacturer:

manufactured and marketed in Bangladesh. 

Manufactured By:

AZM Chemical Industry Limited 

240, Tejgaon I/A, Dhaka-1208

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