Arsh Aroma Bonne Savour Diffuser Box


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Product Features:

  • 20% high quality fragrance oil to ensure the scent throw is maximized.
  • Refills and spare rattan sticks are available
  • 100% pure fragrant smell
  • Long-lasting fragrance for couple of months
  • Infuse your ideal places with different fragrance
  • Smoke, wax, mess, flame and heat free, they do not require electric or batteries.
  • Release a refreshing fragrance for months
  • Remove unpleasant odors like the smell of tobacco.
  • Enhances the aesthetics and romantic atmosphere
  • Perfect gift for wedding feedback

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Bonnie Saver Diffuser Box This attractive box contains four reed diffusers of your choice. This box contains Westin, Lavender Jasmine and Ocean four reed diffusers. Westin’s scent is of Lila’s off-valley flower, Lavender’s hutch is of lavender’s scent, Jasmine’s scent is of white jasmine and Ocean’s scent is of Freesia flower.



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